In order to improve your ROI and gain a competitive advantage

Are you ready for marketing measurement in 2020? Here are two resolutions every marketeer should make to significantly increase the impact of their marketing activities.

Add meaning to measurement

Marketers have growing amounts of data available to them, but this does not necessarily result in more insights. Just because you can measure something doesn’t mean it is useful. There is a step between data and action; keep in mind that data is valuable only when it helps you reach a goal. 

Kick off 2020 with the resolution to provide context for the KPIs and metrics you are tracking and communicating. This context will help you better communicate the impact of your work and improve marketing performance.

Adjust as you go

Insights are becoming available in almost real time. As soon as you start a campaign, the data flows in. Use this data to manage your running campaigns and adjust them where necessary.

Online media can be adjusted daily. Even traditional media such as TV and radio, while often bound by contracts in the short term, are becoming more data-driven. Once your campaign ends, it’s too late to optimize it. Additionally, these post-campaign reports might not even be useful to your next campaign or strategic budget plans.

So, in 2020, be sure to make data-driven adjustments your investments across and within media channels as you go.

marketing measurement in 2020

Improve your marketing measurement in 2020 by sticking to these resolutions. These will help you understand the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing activities, and to take control of your media investments.