Did you know half of the effect of Facebook advertising can go unnoticed when not using the proper measurement techniques?

We research the impact of Facebook advertising for companies in the Dutch telecom industry. Although the share of media spend on Facebook among telecom providers is lower than spend on other media channels in 2018, this share is growing yearly. So what does this spend on Facebook deliver? Multi-touch attribution (MTA) can only account for direct click-outs from Facebook ads, but every marketer knows impressions matter.

media spend facebook telcos
Share of Telco media spend in 2018

Measuring Facebook with Marketing Mix Modelling

We used our statistical marketing mix model to analyse the impact of Facebook advertising on sales and revenue of Dutch telecom providers. We measure the direct effect of Facebook ads, but also measure the indirect effect on other channels. This indirect effect, though crucial, is often ignored and the effect of Facebook ads is undervalued.

Media mix modelling (MMM) can capture this indirect effect. We provide six recommended best practices for successful media mix modelling. Combining MMM with MTA in a unified model ensures that we don’t lose granular information wherever it is available.

Download the white paper to find out more about modelling marketing mix and unified models and learn how effective Facebook advertising is in driving key outcomes for the Dutch telcos!